For this documentary about the mythical Peter Falk, I did the title design but also closely worked with the directors on the editing of many sequences, especially those involving archive material, which required a ‘graphic eye’. A film by Gaëlle Royer & Pascal Cuissot, produces by ZED and ARTE France. 
The documentary used a lot of different sources, ranging from cinemascope movies to 4:3 TV archives to vertical pictures. I have been commissioned to produce Here are the guidelines to harmonize the differents media through the documentary.  
From Paris to Istanbul via Berlin or Copenhagen, this film questions the way in which the city is built and the place for the citizens. I have set the opening titles on Rome’s 1748 plan by Giovanni Battista Nolly, famous for being the first plan picturing (in white) all the public spaces (like the interior of churches).
A film by Claire Laborey & Marc Evreux, airected by Claire Laborey and producted by CHAMAEROPS Production with ARTE France.
Design concept for the TV series ‘Quand l'histoire fait dates’, by Patrick Boucheron & Denis van Waerebeke, produced by Les Films d'Ici & ARTE France