I have directed and animated a 3 parts interactive video about Méliès' stop motion substitution trick, Méliès' camera mechanism, and the behind the scenes of The Vanishing Lady.

In 1937 Géorges Méliès released an interview for the radio. This original audio source containing the voice of Méliès itself, has been used to recreate (through a drawn animation) a TV like interview. 
Fun fact: to lip-synch Méliès voice and facial expressions, I have used a face tracking software on myself,   

To explain the trick used for The Vanishing Lady, what happened behind the camera (or while the camera was off to be more exact), I have "overprinted" an animation of the behind the scenes. 

Ancient and modern special effects are explained in relation to Méliès' work.  From stop motion to CGI, More than 12  groups of VFX are explained through a montage of movies and behind the scenes.

création: Edoardo Cecchin with La Méduse, Paris
content expertise: Réjane Vallée
interactive design: Nokimono 
scenography: Agence NC, Paris
Please note, all material is copyrighted and can not be used or reposted.