A printed background landscape brought to life by animated projections. The spectator can see the climate and the habitat in which Neandertal lived, change in cycles from warm to cold.
I've drawn and animated 27 species, from the pika mouse to the ancien straight-tusked elephants, carefully studying their mouvements.
The film ‘Three good reasons to be cannibal’ was a round projection. 
My favorite part is the 3rd one (at 2:54), were the challenge was to make understand how the ritual endocannibalism is actually an act of love.
In a cylindrical room, questions and speculations about Neandertal disappearance, were randomly projected all around. In the alcoves, visitors where able to find the experts’ answers to those questions.  
création: Edoardo Cecchin with La Méduse, Paris
scenography: Agence NC
graphic design: c-album