‘L’Aigle à deux têtes’ is an intimate portrait of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berger relationship.
This 14 min movie has been tailor made for projection room inside the museum at the Avenue Montaigne. 
The triptych screen designed by Agence NC was an inspiration for the movie’s main concept: Yves Saint Laurent voice and images on the left, Pierre Berger's on the right. The film is entirely made by archive sources, and the story thread throughout the two men's voices (taken from interviews). ​​​​​​​
The second film I made for Yves Saint Laurent museum is a biography focused on the work and creation. I have taken the vertical format used by Yves Saint Laurent for his sketches as a starting point to create a grid in which the archive sources come together. The aim is to deconstruct the 16/9 format and showcase the content in the best way. 

I’ve also made a montage of macro shots of fabrics and embroideries that I've transformed from 2D to 3D using a particular technique. 
création: Edoardo Cecchin with La Méduse, Paris
scenography: Agence NC, Paris
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